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[FIXED] Sending emails from Gmail using Yahoo alias error: Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently.


Most of us we are using one email client to send and receive emails.

Yahoo Mail is slow and it's quite akward in some moments, that's why i'm using Gmail to receive and send emails but i want to keep my yahoo email address too becouse it's old and and still useful.

I've configured this "bound" between Gmail and Yahoo some time ago and all worked well until few months ago, when i've got this error every single time when i have tried to send an email from Gmail using Yahoo email as sender: Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:

How to solve this:

I found this link  were the steps to fix this are:

1. Try to delete your browser's cache and cookies before proceeding.
2. Now sign back into your gmail accounts.
3. Go to your Gmail Settings, and do the following:
   a. Select "Accounts and Imports" tab
   b. Go to the "Send mail as" and select "edit info" for the <your-mai...@yahoo.com> email address
4. In the "Edit email address" pop-up window, on the "Edit information for <your-mai...@yahoo.com>" screen, deselect "Treat as an alias" and click "Next Step".
5. Now, on the "Send mail through your SMTP server?" screen, select the option: "Send through yahoo.com SMTP servers" and use the following details:
   --> SMTP Server:  plus.smtp.mail.yahoo.com 
   --> Port: 465, 
   --> Username: <enter your Yahoo Account username WITHOUT the "@yahoo.com">
   --> Password: <enter your Yahoo Account password>
   --> Select the option "Secured connection using SSL (recommended)"
6. Click "Save Changes" 
7. Go test and Enjoy...

Please post back if this helped you for the sake of others having the same issue.

Steps provided by O. Josiah Abatan

That's all, these steps fixed the problem.