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Bitcoin market crash, a good thing?


As seen on btclive.net Bitcoin is traded under $4000 on most exchanges, today 25 Nov 2018.

Is that a good or a bad thing? Well... overall it is a good thing.

Bear markets can bring you money as well as bull markets. If the price goes only up and up you will sell at some point and you will be left with no buy back opportunitty. This buyback opportunity is not only available for you, but for newcomers as well, that are seeking to buy $BTC at a good price and then HODL. 

May people just wants to have a whole bitcoin in their wallets, this is a good time to have that. I am not saying that you should buy now. Bitcoin can go down even more, nobody knows how far down it will go. So...you can wait a bit more.

This buying opportunity will make bitcoin even more scarce, since some big holders will have less and less coins available for sale. That's why it is a good thing for bitcoin in a long term view.

Remember, you haven't lost money if you didn't sold your coins.