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Download magento blank theme for free


Having a blank theme for magento is an easy thing for an magento expert, but if you are a beginer into magento and you want to cusomize your own magento shop you need this pack.

The downloadable file contains all you need to have the theme reconized by magento and to start a new design.

Download here . You can download it and you can install it.

Installing the theme

1)After download, upload the zip into your magento root folder, extract it there.
2) Go to Magento Admin Area-> Sistem -> Configuration -> Design ->Themes , fillup all the fields with blank_theme and click on “save” button.
3) Refresh your cache and go to the frontend.

You will not see many changes, you will see the magento default theme.

Testing the theme

1) Open the css file: magento root folder->skin->frontend->default->blank_theme->css->local.css.

2) Inspect the html elements in the browser (ex for mozilla: firebug) and look for element classes
3) Add the class with the new style properties into the local.css file . This css file will overwrite the default magento theme style. Step by step you will change the look.

Extra info

If you need to change the layout the folder where you need to look is: magento root folder->app->design->frontend->default->blank_theme.

Here you will see two folders: layout and template.

The layout folder contains settings for how to look your layout, like removing some block or change the order of some blocks.

The template folder contains all the php code and html code that will generate the page into the browser.
This folder contains only the page folder. If you need to change something into the category page or product page, copy the entire catalog folder that is located in magento root folder->app->design->frontend->base->default->template into your blank_theme->template folder.

This will overwrite the basic theme code flow.

Important: If a file is not found into your theme, the file will be replaced with the file that is located in base theme.
If a class style is not found in your local.css file, the class style will contain the properties from styles.css file (base theme style file).

UPDATE: If you are using a new version of magento like: 1.9, you need to change "Current Package Name" from System->Configuration->Design: Package tab from rwd to default.



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