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How to add new product in magento


Adding new product into your magento store may be frustrating if you use this system for the first time.
Let’s login to admin area, then go to Catalog->Manage Products

In the right of your pannel you have “Add Product” button.See picture bellow.


Click the button to add a new product.
You will have to select the Attribute Set and Product type.
For the attribute set you can choose the attribute set that is more close to your product. For example if your product is an hard-drive you have attributes like memory size,rotation speed,cache memory size,etc.

If you haven’t defined any attribute set, you can choose the Default attribute set.
Choose simple product for product type and click Continue.

You will see the form bellow.


Fill up the form with required data marked with *.
In order to have your product on frontend the most important fields are:
Tab: General field: Status must be enabled
Tab: General field: Visibility must be Catalog,Search
Tab: General field: SKU – must contain an alphanumeric string that is unique,this is used for importing products into your store, to identify the product in order to be updated if already exist.
Tab: Prices field: Price must be higher than zero
Tab: Inventory field: Manage Stock: must be YES if you have fixed number of products in your stock to prevent to sell more than you have, otherwise you can select NO. If you have selected YES you must have Qty higher than zero.
Tab: Prices field: Stock Availability must be In Stock
Tab: Categories field: – check the categories where you want that your product to appear.

Click Save to save your product.