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How to get regular price of a product in wordpress woocommerce


If you want to get the regular price or sale price of a woocommerce product and you are getting nothing you need to know the following:

If the product has no variations you can get the regular price and sales price just like that:

Get the price of a simple procut

#the product must be instantiated above like $product = new WC_Product();
echo $product->regular_price;
echo $product->sale_price;

If the product has variations you will get nothing if you will use the code above.

You need to get the variation product prices.

Get the price of a product with variations

#1 Get product varations
$product_variations = $product->get_available_variations();

#2 Get one variation id of a product
$variation_product_id = $product_variations [0]['variation_id'];

#3 Create the product object
$variation_product = new WC_Product_Variation( $variation_product_id );

#4 Use the variation product object to get the variation prices
echo $variation_product ->regular_price;
echo $variation_product ->sale_price;

That should be all.