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How to get the last key in array with php


In order to get the value of the last key from array, you need to use two php functions:

end() - this function will move the array's internal pointer to the last element from array and it will return that value.

key() - this will return the current key ( or the index ) from array where the internal pointer is set.

Here is an example:

$data = array( '3'=>'apple',
// move the pointer
end( $data );
// get the key value
$keyValue = key($data);
echo $keyValue; // 2

But this is not the fastest way to do it. Using array_slice() you can get a faster code.

Here is a new exaple:

$keyValue= key(array_slice($data, -1, 1, TRUE ));
echo $keyValue; // 2