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How to fully customize magento homepage


In order to fully customize your magento homepage i will show you 1 simple method. This will help you to make it exactly how you want it.

1) First step is to make your hompage layout empty.

Go to your magento admin area -> CMS->Pages->Home Page , click on design tab (from left), for layout selectEmpty . Save it.


2) Second step is to make the file that will be included in your homepage. This file will contain html code + php code.

Create a new file into your theme in this location: app/…frontend/…/YOUR_THEME/template/page/html/my_custom_homepage.phtml .

Add some content to it. You can add this for testing: <p>This is my custom <span style=”color:red;”>homepage</span></p>

Save it.

3) Now we need to point the my_custom_homepage.phtml file that we have created it above, in the homepage.

Go to admin area CMS->Pages->Homepage and click on the content TAB.

Add this code: {{block type=”core/template” name=”my_custom_homepage” template=”page/html/my_custom_homepage.phtml”}} 

This will tell magento to include that file into your homepage.

That’s all. Enjoy.

ps: if you have question or you need some magento work, contact me .

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