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How to store Bitcoins on a USB Drive using Electrum


Few days ago i landed on a website where some bitcoin ad was there. I heard about bitcoins some time ago (2-3 years) but they were way too expensive for me to get some.

Now i tought to give it a try but the bad part is that i missed the $200 window price ( when bitcoin price went down ) but i've decided to buy some though. My first problem was, how do i keep my bitcoins 100% safe? Here is what i found and use:

1. Get the wallet

We all know how bitcoins works, if not...do a research before. Fist thing is to get a wallet, in order to store them on usb i choose a portable version of Electrum for Windows. Here you cand download it. I would recomend you to use this USB wallet as your primary wallet even you have one wich is already connected with your phone ( like Blockchain wallet ). You can use their app to watch USB wallet.

2. Install it on USB Drive

Move downloaded file to your USB drive, then opent it in order to configurate the wallet. This .exe file will add a new folder where your wallet will be stored. Choose to install a standard wallet  in case you are not sure what you actually do.

Try not to skip any security part, and also write down 12 words phrase.

3. Duplicate it for more security

In my opinion this is the most important part becouse if you lose your USB you need a backup. So, using winrar do these steps:

1. Select .exe file and the folder where your wallet is stored.

2. Use Right Click Mouse and click on "Add to Archive"

A pop-up will apear and just before clicking "OK", i recomend you to add a password so that archive cannot be opened without that password.

3. Add the password. All 3 steps bellow.

4. Move your zipped wallet 

Move the zip/rar file to Dropbox or another USB.

That's all for now.