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How to summarize homepage posts in wordpress


You can help users to run over many of your posts if you will summarize them on home page.
As i had need it i thought that even is a simple thing that will help others.
Going to Settings->Reading and checking “Summary” will not help becouse there you only can decide the rss content that is displayed for your feeds.
But how you can do that?

Go to your post that is already written or as the picture bellow shows you can start a new one.
Then write the part that you want to be shown on homepage.


Now click on more button to instert the tag after your text.
You can continue the post as i did, you will see that on your homepage this post will be summarized until the moretag.

The Continue reading link will apear automaticly.
If you want, you can customize the Continue reading link in order to make your users to read the post.

Here is how:

<!--more Read more and find more!-->

You got it?

note: You cannot decalre some general message for this, you must customize this link in every post.