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Magento Simple Frontend Controller with multiple actions Downloadable



Recently i developed this very simple frontend controller for Magento that can be used to send emails, to download files and so on.

It has 2 actions that will tell you where the controller file is located on your server for you to find it easier.

This Module works on the latest mangento version ( ). It is very simple and it doesn't render any phtml file, this is something you have to do it.

Here you can download it: Download

How to install it:

Download the zip file, unpack it, copy the app/ folder to your magento root install folder. It will be automaticly activated, all you have to do is to test it.

This is how you can test it:




The Url is parameters are: /do/ - this is the module

                                       /index/ - this is the controller

                                      /index/ or /save/ - this is the action ( method in controller class )

I hope this was helpful.