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Opencart Install problem, SET SQL_MODE = MYSQL40


Becouse at this time are 5 results on google regarding to this i tought that will be very helpful to post how i solved this.

I had similar problem. My problem was Error 1231,unable to SET SQL_MODE=MYSQL40 . Something like that.

I solved in this way:
1) go to system/database/mysql.php find line 50 or find

trigger_error('Error: ' . mysql_error($this->link) . '<br />Error No: ' . mysql_errno($this->link) . '<br />' . $sql);

In this way the code will continue and the cart will be able to finish the configuration.
2) comment the //exit();
3) clear all your tables from database.
4) refresh the page (this will resend the same data filled up by you)

I hope it helped someone.