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Simple web browser chat with ajax request, without mysql database [Download]



These days i had an ideea to develop a simple chat with php that will use ajax request and no mysql database.

This chat is very easy to be used, easy to be installed and ready within minutes.

Bellow you can see a photo of how it looks. Here you can see a demo: http://www.w3bdeveloper.com/chat-v1/


How to install:

1) Copy the files into your folder on your server anywhere you want.

2) Open config.php and edit global varibles SITE_URL and INSTALLED_FOLDER  to fit with your paths.

3) $users variable and $usersColors must be edited as well, as password for users... generate md5('your-pass')

How it looks:

This is opensource so don't think that this is super secure.

chat.txt file can be accessed directly so you can use some .htaccess directives to restrict it.

...if you need something better...build one and let us know about it :)

Enjoy it. 

PS: CSS and JS (XSS) injection fixed. If you find other vulnerabilities, please let me know. Thanks.