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Virwox.com, buy Bitcoin? Is it worth it?


A week or two ago i decided to try virwox.com to buy some Bitcoins (shatosi). I won't make this post too long so you don't get bored. The ideea was to test the sistem and to see how fast i can get my Bitcoins. Aaaaand the fees. :D

Long story short, it doesn't worth! Here is why.

I used Paypal and i added 15 EUR. After the fee... I ended up with 14.14 EUR in my Virwox account. 

Then i had to buy those SLL in order to buy the Bitcoins, another transaction, another 3.9% fee. I forgot to make a screenshot of this transaction but there is something more.

Now, having SLL i can buy Bitcoins!!! yay! ....another transaction, another 3.9% fee.

Now i have the bitcoins...the exact amount: 0.017 BTC so i need to withdraw the amount to my wallet.

Wow...there is one more fee :D

So....i ended up with 0.014 BTC for 15 EUR. But.....they have to review my withdraw and i have to wait up to 48 hours. The good thing is that they aproved my withdraw in about 10 hours.

The conclusion is that i used 15 EUR to buy ~10.4 USD in Bitcoins at that moment when the bitcoin was around $765.

Here are all my transactions:

I won't tell you if you should use this website to buy Bitcoins or not, it's your money, you do what you think. 

I just wrote my experience with this website.