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Zpanel admin user and password not working after installation [SOLVED]


Zpanel is a nice feature but if you want to test it on your local machine or try the demo you may have this issue.


Even you have access at database you will find the password , but is hashed.
The only fast solution is to generate a new hashed password.

For this we will:

1). Open the [zpanel root folder]/inc/init.inc.php
This file handles the login, forgot password..etc.

2). Add this code:

$crypto = new runtime_hash;
$secure_password = $crypto->CryptParts($crypto->Crypt())->Hash;
echo $secure_password;exit;

…right under

if (isset($_POST['inUsername'])) {

The ideea is to generate a hash for our password that is ’1234′.
This hash is generated with a string that the hash is based on. Salt string.

This zpanel salt string can be found into your database on the row with your admin user and password.

Use it in the code above. Otherwise the generated hash will be different than what you need.

3). Now Login with any credentials
4). In oreder to update your zpanel admin password you need to copy that hash and update the ac_pass_vccolumn.

Or you can simply update the zpanle admin password with: 0CbyA.6XIPWM9i3LJXze8kf5GYXbiGS (column: ac_pass_vc, table: x_accounts) AND salt string with: /L8ewHozMz0EqAmmILPFN2 (column: ac_passsalt_vc, table: x_accounts).
Now you can login with password 1234 .

ps: this is a hack, but is very useful when you have access to zpanel code but to nothing else.

That’s all.