Php online tools and functions

Serialize. "Serialize" generates an string that stores the type and the structure of the data.
Unserialize. "Unserialize" converts an serialized variable into a usable PHP variable.
MD5. MD5 calculates the hash of a string using the Message Digest Algorithm. It will return an hash that is a 32-caracter hexadecimal number.
Google PageRank Checker. You can check google PageRank of every website instantly.This tool is very accurate.
Crypt.Crypt function is one way string hashing. After hashing the string there is no other way to get it back.
Json Encode. Json encode returns the Json representation of a value. The value can be mixed by type.
Json Formater.This json formater tool helps you to check your json result.
Date and Time.This tool allows you to see what date function will return for certain parameter.
Css Formater Tool.CSS Formater automatically formats your css code to be consistent and easy to read.
Word counter & frequency/density tool.This tool will tell you how many words and how many characters are in your text.